Sunday, August 31, 2014

Taylor and Alex came to get me from school yesterday and we spent a couple of ours on campus just enjoying the day. It made my heart swell with joy and appreciation that they would drive out almost two hours to get me with no obligation what-so-ever.

I always acknowledge that I have a wonderful group of friends that love and appreciate me as I do them. I've also got a wonderful boyfriend whose willing to keep a relationship due to the distance between us and the circumstances. It's a strange feeling knowing that somebody loves you as much as you love them. Be happy with what you've got because dammit, Kat, you are one lucky girl and people love you for who you are. They love you enough to listen to what you have to say. They love you enough to send you to school for a better tomorrow. They love you enough to keep a friendship for ten years and more to come. They love you enough to confide in you. They love you enough to get you from school when you've been sad and missing home. They love you enough to invest themselves in a relationship with you that is not only emotional, but romantic.

My god, Kat. You have the world. Take in every moment of it and grow.

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